Developing Process Mining Capabilities at the Enterprise Level

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Type and Duration

ERASMUS, November 2021 until October 2023


Institute of Information Systems

Main Research

Business Process Management


Digital technologies affect all areas of work. They support, replace or augment work, and the require spe-cial skills and competencies by those who use them. Process mining is a fast-growing technology con-cerned with managing and improving business processes. The process mining vendor Signavio has just been purchased by SAP for 1 billion Euros, and the general process mining market is expected to grow tenfold over the next five years; Celonis, a German process mining provider, had an estimated net worth of 2.5 billion US dollars by the end of 2019 and received the prestigious "Deutscher Zukunftspreis" (Ger-man Future Award), awarded by the President of Germany.

Yet, there is little knowledge about how to adopt, use and manage this digital technology. This is important, however, because it is often report that process mining leads to misuse or discontinuance of use altogeth-er. Hence, our work intends to support practitioners, and future students, in understanding, estimating and managing the implementations of process mining.

We will develop process mining capabilities which are related to the adoption, use and management of process mining. At this, our goal is to empower practitioners and higher education to fully embrace the potentials of this technology. An important part of our project is to assess and analyze the needs and ex-pectations of companies by means of empirical studies. As process mining is relevant for different organi-zations operating in diverse contexts, we will keep our findings broadly applicable and freely accessible.

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