Gender Equality in Digital Entrepreneurship

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Type and Duration

ERASMUS, September 2016 until August 2019


Hilti Chair of Business Process Management

Main Research

Business Process Management

Field of Research

Gender and Diversity in Information Systems


The first aim of this project is to develop and partially test a gender sensitive master program curriculum for the promotion of gender equality in digital entrepreneurship. In relation to this, the project also targets to contribute to a more diverse understanding and theorization of entrepreneurs, IS, and organizations paving the way towards a higher participation rate of women in the successful exploitation of digital business opportunities. The second aim of this project is to build a strong and sustainable strategic partnership between three universities and a civil society organization for the development and implementation of a cutting edge curriculum on engendering digital entrepreneurship. The strategic partnership focusses on the exchange of accumulated bodies of knowledge and best practices in teaching gender related issues across the disciplines of economics, entrepreneurship and IS. On top the partnership aims for bundling forces to reach out to a broad audience and enhance enrolment of many students in the future programme.


Digital Entrepreneurship, Gender orientation, Master, Women's participation, Gender-sensitive training curriculum


  • Europäische Kommission Brüssel