Gli affidamenti fiduciari nel diritto civile: il caso del Liechtenstein

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Schurr, F. (2014). Gli affidamenti fiduciari nel diritto civile: il caso del Liechtenstein. Presented at the Dalla fiducia (attraverso il trust) verso gli affidamenti, Università degli Studi di Urbino.

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Presentation at Scholarly Conference


Asset Protection - Recht und Wirtschaft im nationalen und internationalen Umfeld
FFF-Förderprojekt, January 2011 until October 2014 (finished)

This research project tackled the question of the degree to which Liechtenstein private law and any related legal fields still meet the current requirements made of private wealth management, or ... more ...

Liechtenstein Trust Law in a European and International Context
internes Projekt, since December 2009

Originating in common law, trusts are foreign to continental European jurisdictions. In practice, Liechtenstein's position is counter-cyclical to the international trend: the trust is gaining in ... more ...


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  • Chair of Company, Foundation and Trust Law
  • Institute for Business Law