The Liechtenstein Brewing Co.

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Vallaster, C., Kraus, S., & Baldegger, U. (2015). The Liechtenstein Brewing Co. In J. Hayton, C. Salvato & M. J. Manimala (Eds.), Global Entrepreneurship: Case studies of entrepreneurial firms operating around the world. London/New York: Routledge.

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Entrepreneurs around the world are encouraged and held up as the new deliverers of economic growth in turbulent times. Entrepreneurship is taught globally, but often without much reference to the truly global array of cases and examples that can provide helpful insights for international students in particular. This collection brings together expert entrepreneurship scholars to provide a collection of global case studies around entrepreneurial firms worldwide. This unique educational resource covers a broad range of topics of relevance to understanding entrepreneurship including corporate, social and indigenous entrepreneurship. This book provides entrepreneurship educators with reliable cases suitable for classroom discussion, analysis or even for assessment purposes. Instructors teaching this subject will be able to use the book as a stand alone reference or as an ideal supplement for many introductory texts in entrepreneurship.


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