What Is the Use of Collision Detection (in Wireless Networks)?

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Schneider, J., & Wattenhofer, R. (2010). What Is the Use of Collision Detection (in Wireless Networks)?. Paper presented at the Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC).

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Paper in Conference Proceedings


We show that the asymptotic gain in the time complexity when using collision detection depends heavily on the task by investigating three prominent problems for wireless networks, i.e. the maximal independent set (MIS), broadcasting and coloring problem. We present lower and upper bounds for all three problems for the Growth-Bounded Graph such as the Unit Disk Graph. We prove that the benefit of collision detection ranges from an exponential improvement down to no asymptotic gain at all. In particular, for the broadcasting problem our deterministic algorithm is running in time O(D log n). It is an exponential im- provement over prior work.


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