Bounds On Contention Management Algorithms

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Schneider, J., & Wattenhofer, R. (2009). Bounds On Contention Management Algorithms. Paper presented at the Symposium on Algorithms and Computation (ISAAC).

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Paper in Conference Proceedings


We present two new algorithms for contention management in transactional memory, the deterministic algorithm CommitRounds and the randomized algo- rithm RandomizedRounds. Our randomized algorithm is e?cient: in some noto- rious problem instances (e.g., dining philosophers) it is exponentially faster than prior work from a worst case perspective. Both algorithms are (i) local and (ii) starvation-free. Our algorithms are local because they do not use global synchro- nization data structures (e.g., a shared counter), hence they do not introduce additional resource con?icts which eventually might limit scalability. Our algo- rithms are starvation-free because each transaction is guaranteed to complete. Prior work sometimes features either (i) or (ii), but not both. To analyze our algorithms (from a worst case perspective) we introduce a new measure of com- plexity that depends on the number of actual con?icts only. In addition, we show that even a non-constant approximation of the length of an optimal (shortest) schedule of a set of transactions is NP-hard – even if all transactions are known in advance and do not alter their resource requirements.


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