Socioemotional wealth in family firm research - a literature review

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Mensching, H., Kraus, S., & Bouncken, R. B. (2014). Socioemotional wealth in family firm research - a literature review. Journal of International Business and Economics, 14(4), 165-172.

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Article in Scientific Journal


Although academic interest in family business research is sharply increasing, the field still lacks sufficient theoretical integration. The current research has recognized that family firms are often motivated by non-financial goals and that their behavior separates them from non-family firms. In this context, the theoretical concept of socioemotional wealth receives strong interest in recent studies as it is seen to assess family firm heterogeneity and helps to differentiate between family and non-family firms. In this article, we analyze and structure the literature of this rapid increasing research field to prepare a solid foundation for future research.


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