Data driven value creation in AEC along the building lifecycle

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Holzwarth, V., Schneider, J., Kunz, A., & vom Brocke, J. (2019). Data driven value creation in AEC along the building lifecycle. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1343(012046).

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Article in Scientific Journal


Interest in the field of data analytics among researchers and practitioners has been rising over the last few years. The digitalization of the built environment leads to increased availability of data, enabling the introduction of data analytics. In this paper we propose a novel framework for data driven value creation in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). The framework consists of four value creating categories, which are mapped on a building's lifecycle. Additionally, we analyse over ten data analytics applications by the value they create along the building lifecycle. The paper concludes by suggesting future research for data analytics in AEC.


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  • Institute of Information Systems
  • Hilti Chair of Business Process Management

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