Knowledge Gaps in Design Science Research

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Avdiji, H., & Winter, R. (2019). Knowledge Gaps in Design Science Research. Paper presented at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2019, Munich, Germany. (VHB_3: A)

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In this paper, we provide a conceptual model of the knowledge gaps that design science researchers should attend to in order to ensure that their use of justificatory knowledge is made in an appropriate way. We identify nine knowledge gaps between descriptive (cause-effect) relations in kernel theories, prescriptive (means-ends) relations in prescriptive and design theories, and the instantiated relations (instantiated design features and design requirements). The development of the conceptual model of the knowledge gaps was informed by and illustrated with the case of the longitudinal design science research project on team coordination called Coopilot. An initial set of strategies to ensure the appropriateness of justificatory knowledge is identified.


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