Usage of bibliometric tools in foresight and technology scouting

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Stock, A., Stein, F., & Brecht, L. (2020). Usage of bibliometric tools in foresight and technology scouting. Paper presented at the ISPIM Connects Global 2020, Virtual.

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We identify how bibliometric tools are used in innovation management and bring together the available literature into one bibliometrics-based process for technology scouting. Conducting a bibliometric analysis, more than 1000 publications on bibliometrics and innovation management are divided into a network of 12 research fronts. They can be structured along two main themes: The usage of bibliometrics in innovation research and the practical implementation of bibliometrics in firms’ innovation. To create the bibliometrics-based innovation process, we manually identify the publications containing process descriptions and merge them together. Five steps can be identified: Research Design, Data Retrieval and Processing, Analysis, Discussion, and Implementation. The results and frameworks in this art icle are not only able to show the value of bibliometrics, but also provide managers with a process to use it. For academics, we identify gaps and point out potential research areas on how to enhance the current innovation process.


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