Personality traits modulate gaze behavior towards dynamic stimuli high in social information

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Löffler, F., Haraped, L., Maran, T., Liegl, S., Mix, N., & Sachse, P. (2020). Personality traits modulate gaze behavior towards dynamic stimuli high in social information. Presented at the 62nd Conference of Experimental Psychologists (TEAP 2020), Jena, Deutschland.

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Human gaze behavior gives us insights into our personality. While previous studies showed a positive association of social attention and extraversion and a negative association with neuroticism our study aims to investigate differences in social gaze regarding varying amounts of displayed social information and personality. Using eye tracking technology (Tobii TX300), a total of 102 participants, Mage = 21,39 (Sd = 2,47), were observed while looking at a three-minute video of a walk through a well-attended shopping center in first person view. We defined dynamic socially relevant areas of interest, namely front view face, front view body and rear-view body of the people seen in the video and measured social attention as gaze duration on these areas. Moreover, we assessed BIG-5-personality using the NEO-FFI questionnaire. Results revealed a positive correlation between extraversion and the duration of looking at faces and front bodies, while neuroticism was adversely associated with both measures. Notably, this tendency was not the case for rear-view bodies. Consistent with previous studies we replicated findings concerning personality and social gaze and showed that the amount of social information, that a social stimulus poses seems to be a relevant factor. Further, the results are discussed regarding the theory of the dual function of social.


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