Visionary and empowering leadership in SMEs

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Klösel, K. (2021). Visionary and empowering leadership in SMEs. Journal of the International Council for Small Business, 2(4), 340-346.

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With the growth of start-ups and small- and medium-sized enterprises, technological developments, and accompanying changes in work processes and organizational structures, leadership approaches that are effective in the context of flatter hierarchies, expanded responsibilities, and increased task complexity among employees are being sought. Recent reviews of the leadership literature show a significant shift in the focus of leadership. Heroic approaches to leadership that focus on the “Great Man” or the charismatic leader are shifting to postheroic perspectives of leadership that focus more on the followers. In this changing research environment, empowering leadership has emerged as a distinct concept in which individual motivation is fostered by sharing power and granting autonomy at the lowest organizational level.


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