Innovation in Family Firms: Examining the Inventory and Mapping the Path

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Filser, M., Brem, A., Gast, J., Kraus, S., & Calabro, A. (2016). Innovation in Family Firms: Examining the Inventory and Mapping the Path. International Journal of Innovation Management, 20(6), 1-39. (ABDC_2016: B; ABS_2018: 2; VHB_3: B)

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Over the past decade, research on innovation in family firms has received growing attention by scholars and practitioners around the globe with a wide range of aspects explored within the current body of literature. Despite the constantly growing number of scientific publications, research lacks a comprehensive and critical review of past and present research achievements. First, conducting a bibliometric analysis with a focus on innovation in family firms, we identify five topical clusters that help to understand the foundations of recent findings: namely ownership and governance, structural settings, organizational culture and behaviour, resources, and innovation and strategy. Second, based on a thorough literature review the major research avenues are reflected. The comparison of the results of both analyses showed the following areas for future research on family firm innovation: members‘ individual human capital and their leadership behaviour, openness to externals, cross-country comparisons, and finally the family‘s functional integrity on innovation performance.


Antecedents of Innovation and Firm Performance in Family Businesses
FFF-Förderprojekt, April 2015 until October 2017 (finished)

Innovation is considered to be a crucial factor for the economic success and survival of family firms (Leenen, 2005). Certainly, the topic is of high theoretical and practical relevance and ... more ...


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