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Responsibility and society

Responsibility and society

Responsibility means being aware of the consequences and importance of one's behaviour for the development of a sustainable society and wanting to actively contribute to the common good. On an individual level, it requires an awareness of and reflection on one's own responsible behaviour as well as the perception of a social motive based on which other people are helped and a culture of giving is created. This requires a strong capacity for self-regulation, self-control, and empathy, which enables socio-emotional behaviour based on high moral and ethical standards.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility in the organisational and entrepreneurial context
  • Responsibility in the sense of legally compliant behaviour ("compliance") as well as assumption of responsibility in the case of non-legally compliant, socially harmful behaviour
  • Attitude and influence of social, economic, and legal sciences, architecture, and planning in coping with the effects of global trends such as climate change, demographic change, new forms of mobility and digitalisation on the natural and built environment in a global context as well as on the quality of life and attractiveness of the Alpine Rhine Valley as a business location.
  • Imparting knowledge on building culture


Society refers to a totality of people who live together under certain political, economic, legal, and social conditions and based on certain attitudes, values, norms and experiences, and who interact socially directly or indirectly. Research at the University of Liechtenstein focuses on the effects of various strategies, instruments or measures on society, its actors, and the public as well as private space.

  • The social impact of tax or social and pension policy measures as well as (digital) innovations.
  • The exploration of the legal basis for society, its actors as well as the influence of legal norms on social coexistence.
  • The transformation of society through the implementation of sustainable organisational and business processes
  • The role and significance of real laboratories, urban interventions and staging on public space