Decision Criteria for the Domiciling of Investment Funds

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Type and Duration

WTT, September 2005 until March 2006 (finished)


Chair in Business Administration, Banking and Financial Management

Main Research

Wealth Management

Field of Research

Banking and Finance


The project addresses to the study of Liechtenstein's fund location and its competitiveness in international comparison. The specific topics are sub classified into three phases. Phase 1 investigates the attractiveness of Liechtenstein as a fund domicile. It is represented by the evaluation of a survey among domestic and foreign German-speaking fund leaderships and independent asset managers from abroad. Phase 2 deals with the segment of alternative investments. Liechtenstein's legal framework for qualified investors and alternative investment funds based on the new law of investment undertakings (IUG) are opposed to comparable competitor's products of other fund locations. The closing part (phase 3) concentrates on the greenpaper of the European Commission and its potential ascendancies on Liechtenstein by mean of reactions of institutions, investors and public authorities of the European fund industry.