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Registration for cross-faculty elective subjects

Registration Procedure for Cross-Faculty Electives 

The cross-faculty electives (CFEs) consist of:

1. Workshops (continuously assessed courses)

2. Seminars (continuously assessed courses)

Registration for workshops and seminars (continuously assessed courses)

From 08 until 28 January 2024 (languages: until 09 February) 

  • Your registration is definite and binding. First come - first served.
  • The maximum number of participants is 25 respectively 40, in language courses 20. 
  • In workshops and seminars (continuously assessed courses) 80% attendance is compulsory. This also applies for language courses. 
  • Registrations and changes of registration are not possible after the deadlines have passed.
  • Registered students, who do not attend the course, will receive a negative grade. 
  • Workshops and seminars that do not attain the minimum number of participants (8) will be cancelled.
  • Please do not register for any courses that lead to scheduling clashes in your own curriculum.
  • Please do not register for a course that you are unable to attend (no show).


The Rectorate of the University of Liechtenstein has decided that the cross-faculty electives shall be evaluated with numerical grades in the future, beginning with the winter semester 2019/20. Prior to the winter semester 2019/20, the achievements had been assessed simply as “passed/failed”.


What happens with the cross-faculty elective modules that were satisfactorily completed before the winter semester 2019/20?

  • These academic achievements (“passed/failed”) remain unchanged and will also be indicated in this form in transcripts of records and in the Diploma Supplement.

 Will the numerical grades be taken into account when calculating the grade average and the overall grade?

  •  Yes, the numerical grades awarded from the winter semester 2019/20 onwards for the satisfactorily completed modules of the cross-faculty electives will be indicated and taken into account in the calculation. The average or overall grade is calculated as the arithmetic mean of the module grades weighted by credits.

 What happens with those cross-faculty elective modules that have been successfully completed in addition to the credits required by the curriculum?

  • All successfully completed modules and achievements will be indicated in the Diploma Supplement. Upon successful completion of the study programme, students can choose which of the surplus modules from the cross-faculty electives will be identified as “extracurricular academic achievements”. These achievements will not be taken into account when determining the overall grade. Unless decided otherwise, those achievements that were completed most recently will be identified by default as “extracurricular academic achievements”. In the case of surplus modules from the cross-faculty electives, the staff from Study Services will be pleased to assist you.


Evaluations are made with the following numerical grades: 

6.0  =  excellent 
5.5  =  very good 
5.0  =  good  
4.5  =  satisfactory to good  
4.0  =  adequate despite deficiencies 
3.5  =  not quite adequate 
3.0  =  clearly not adequate 




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