Admission Guidelines Bachelor

a) Admission requirements:
• General qualification for university entrance (Matura/Abitur/A-levels/Int. Bacc. etc.) or 
subject-specific university entrance qualification or
Vocational Matura (FL, A) or
Vocational Matura with Passarelle exam (CH) or
an equivalent international qualification

• Language skills:
English: Matura level (Language level B2)
German: Language level C1 for applicants with a foreign university entrance certificate (>recognised language certificates)

Additionally for architecture applicants:
• Proof of artistic aptitude in the form of a “portfolio” (content: examples of work in creative subjects. Format: A4 or A3; bound; volume: maximum 10 pages; must be submitted by post!)
• Practical experience: attendance of a four-day practical course, which will take place during the introductory week before lectures start, is obligatory. Further information will follow after successful admission.

b) Documents for the application:
• School-leaving certificate and, if applicable, language certificate as referred to in a)
• Curriculum vitae
• Letter of motivation
• Copy of passport
• Passport photo (Good quality, well-lit frontal shot)

If your school-leaving certificate is not yet available at the time of submitting your application, please provide us with your most recent semester/term certificate so that we can process your application. Only then can you be offered a provisional place on the course.