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Studying in Liechtenstein is worth it!

Studying offers a lot of possibilities but also causes costs.
Liechtenstein is one of the costliest countries in Europe. But there are a variety of options (grants, scholarships, jobs etc.) to fund your studies.
On this page we will give you an overview of options to fund your studies at the University of Liechtenstein.

Cost of living in Liechtenstein

In order to give you an orientation about the monthly costs of living, we have set up a table with approximate values. Please consider that cost of living is very individual and therefore may vary.

Rent including utilities - CHF 560.-
Telephone/Mobile - CHF 50.-
Food - CHF 350.-
Health insurance/insurance - CHF 100.-
Clothing, laundry, hygiene - CHF 90.-
Leisure, spending money - CHF 150.-

Total cost of living for students at the University of Liechtenstein can be expected to total of approximately CHF 1.300.- per month.

Tuition fees are CHF 950.- per semester for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens or CHF 1‘250,- for other citizens.  Erasmus students pay tuition at their home university.

Financial support by parents

Often parents do not only offer moral support but also financial means for your studies. The standards for child support are different in each country - it`s therefore best to discuss with your parents in what way and to what extend they are able to support you.
If a financial support by your parents or family is not possible or not sufficient, we have some other options for you!


Scholarships are usually performance-related. Apart from academic performances, some scholarship donors may also require e.g. political or social engagement as well as other achievements. Scholarships are not to be paid back usually.

Swiss scholarships database
Austrian scholarships database
Swiss scholarships database

All students who are residents of the Principality of Liechtenstein also have the option to apply for a scholarship of the Swiss Study Foundation.

Scholarships at the University of Liechtenstein

Scholarship for students of the MSc in Architecture
Students of the MSc in Architecture have the possibility to apply for an API scholarship. Target group for this scholarship are students from developing countries who show excellent academic results and need financial support. 

Hilti Fellowship for students of the MSc in Information Systems

This Hilti-sponsored fellowship offers committed and determined master students the opportunity to be part of an international project team for a semester, and to include the experiences in one or more courses for a master’s degree in Information Systems (5 - 30 ECTS) at the University of Liechtenstein. Together with the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management, you will become familiar with state-of-the-art technology (e.g. in-memory computing, cloud computing, and mobile app development) and discuss new ideas for future Hilti projects, such as Enterprise Content Management and Customer Relationship Management. Further information

Student Research Fellowship for MSc in Information Systems students
The Hilti Chair of Business Process Management offers highly motivated full-time
degree students the opportunity to become part of interesting projects in research, teaching, and transfer to industry. At the same time they will gain an insight into the workings of the institute "behind the academics" by getting involved in marketing activities and offering administrative and logistical support.

LGT University Scholarship
Students who are interested in receiving an LGT University Scholarship can apply for the scholarship upon
admission to the Master of Science in Finance program at the University of Liechtenstein. The following
documents are required for the application: scholarship application cover letter and letter of recommendation, CV, photo, bachelor’s degree, language and other training certificates.

Own funds

Many students work part-time and thereby partially fund their studies on their own. The career:service of the University of Liechtenstein offers a variety of job offers for part-time working and internships. When taking up employment, legal regulations need to be taken into account and holders of scholarships need to check their allowed additional earnings.

Study loans

Another option to fund your studies are study loans. Many banks as well as countries offer suitable formats.
The Principality of Liechtenstein offers an interest-free loan to students who have been living in Liechtenstein for at least three years. Further information

The online company Splendit connects people with a need for financial support and such which are able to offer it. Students have the possibility to choose the amount, interest rate and the period of amortisation themselves. Further information.