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Admission criteria and application

The application for a unversity place in a Master’s or Doctoral degree programme is a qualification process. Applicants and degree programme coordinators and/or advisors should gain certainty about whether they have made the right decision and the required qualifications will guarantee the desired academic success.

We recommend that all prospective students should obtain information about the course of study and the requirements well before they plan or wish to begin their studies. Take plenty of time and thoroughly find out whether the objectives of study, the contents, the instructors, the organisation of the programme, the environment, etc. actually meet your expectations. Speak with current students or graduates and get an idea for yourself about your potential new “home”.


Application Process

The application for admission into the Doctoral degree programme requires a Master´s (MSc, MA) or diploma degree from an international recognized university which confers doctoral degrees. Also the consent of a professor (doctoral supervisor) of the University of Liechtenstein and the confirmation of funding in the event of being employed by University of Liechtenstein, provided that the course of study is not entirely funded on one’s own or through other sources of funding, are required. For this reason, the application requires a letter of recommendation with a confirmation of financing and the submission of an “exposé” with a presentation of the proposed research project. Professional work outside the University of Liechtenstein is only possible in well-founded exceptional cases. A workload reduction down to 50% is recommended. Supervisor and doctoral commission have to agree.

It is recommended that prospective doctoral students contact the student counselling and their potential supervisor very early on (3-6 months before the application deadline!). Please read the ´Guideline for future doctoral students´, the Admission Guidelines PhD and the Student Regulations carefully.

Guidelines & Forms

Guidelines for future doctoral students
Admissions Guideline
Student regulations
Application form
Doctorate Regulations
Disciplinary code