Design Seminar 2016: Israel

Reimagining Jerusalem’s Urban Fringe

The Design Seminar took us closer to the city and culture of Jerusalem. The program was based on a series of tours in and around the city of Jerusalem, providing meetings and interaction with local communities, stakeholders, non-governmental and governmental organizations. Tours were guided by experts in the complex urban condition of the city.

The focus on borderlines was further developed, by analysing different sites with this particular situation, where architecture and urban solutions play a primordial role in the relation between the different communities.

The concentration of knowledge was widened by the interaction with students and professors from the partner universities of Harvard and the Bezalel University. It was great to do workshop together that summarized the experiences and compared the points of view from local and external perspective.


Design Seminar of the Studio Dietrich Schwarz in Israel in March 2016

Please find more pictures of the Excursion and Design Seminar Week 2016 on storify.