Design Studio Dworzak

The Allstar Hotel

Supervisor: Hugo Dworzak

Assistant: Martin Mackowitz 


Globalism, without doubt has connected the world economically and has created
dependency amongst countries. On the contrary the social spectrum has drifted apart.
The rich became richer and the poor poorer.
As this gap widens the danger of conflict rises.
To at least make a homoeopathic effort against this tendency we design
that ranges from zero to six stars.
Refugees as well as millionaires, youth hostellers and seniors,
illiterates and nobel prize winners, hetero and homosexuals,
prostitutes and untouchables live under one roof.
The wealthier pay tribute to the poor and the poorer contribute with skills.

We design a place for multicultural, multilingual and multisocial “inhabitants”, where globalism is as concentrated as a 40 years old whiskey.
The site is either at the railway station of Bregenz/Austria or that of St. Gallen/Switzerland.