Design Studio Schwarz

Jerusalem - Cultural concentration

Supervisor: Dietrich Schwarz

Assistant: Martin Mackowitz

In the winter semester 2015/16, Studio Schwarz was focused on concentration. On the one hand on our own, on the other hand on the design, which was leading into the condensation of culture. Culture can be defined as the concentration, conservation and communication of any kind of knowledge and practice through time. We tried to find a relation between culture and architecture and their link to society and nature. One of the places that serves as an ideal case of study for this subject is Jerusalem. A city and a society that has the influence of many cultures and that represents a main or an important centre for the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Our task was based on the observation and the understanding of the place and its ideals, and then translate it into a project, which satisfies the needs of its society through concentration. In order to raise questions about these values, we had first to recognize the essence of things.
During this exciting semester a number of projects were developed that deal with our specific access to sufficiency. Linked with the values of UNESCO we tried to give answers to cultural conflicts with architectonical projects.