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CFA, GARP & CAIA oriented curriculum

You are looking for a unique starting point for your career? Here is the place to be.

The Master's in Finance programme is one of the few MSc in Finance worldwide that has an affiliation with all three major professional financial associations at the same time: CFA, GARP and CAIA.

To become a university partner with these professional associations, we had to demonstrate conformance between our curriculum and their body of knowledge.

Students studying on our Master's degree programme in Finance can therefore expect to be well prepared for all three professional finance exams.

The different partnerships in detail:



cfa.jpegIncorporating at least 70 % of the CFA Programme Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) into its curricula, our Master's in Finance programme has been accepted for the CFA recognition programme. Our courses provide students with a solid grounding in the CBOK and prepare them well to sit for the CFA exams. The CFA is the most widely recognised credential in the global financial markets. This designation prepares candidates for roles in investment management, wealth management, portfolio management, institutional trading and market research. Completing two out of three CFA test levels within the designated period of study gives students who take an interest in the above mentioned professions competitive advantages over their peers. Our membership in the local CFA society makes students eligible for one of 3 annually awarded CFA scholarships.


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garp.jpegThe Master's in Finance programme covers at least 70 % of the body of knowledge and 100 % of the ethics/professional conduct learning objectives. Graduates will thus be prepared to sit for the GARP Financial Risk Management (FRM®) Exam. The FRM stands as the global standard in professional risk management certification, better preparing students to succeed in the areas of asset and liability management, enterprise risk management, credit risk derivatives and exotics, quantitative analysis, and equities and fixed income. Students are eligible to apply for one annually endowed FRM scholarship.


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caia.jpegThe MSc in Finance at the University of Liechtenstein covers at least 60% of the entire CAIA curriculum as presented by the Core Knowledge Outline (CKO). CAIA has confirmed that the programme’s content satisfies this requirement. A CAIA charter holder enjoys a distinct advantage in the marketplace. In addition to providing an understanding of the asset classes and strategies, the charter holder will gain in-depth knowledge of the risk-return characteristics of alternative investments in the portfolio construction process, whether it is for wealth creation or preservation.


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