You want to see the world? We invite you to broaden your international experience.

Partner universities

There are currently around 18 partner universities which MSc Finance students can choose from. Pick your favourite destination ranging from all parts of Europe, Russia, China, the US and many more. Our colleagues from the International Office will be happy to assist with the organisation, preparation and realisation of your semester abroad.

Exchange semester

Our student exchange offers broad based benefits and outcomes for students keen to embark on this international adventure. In some ways, going to live abroad is like entering a hero’s journey: you enter into strange lands, face challenges and ultimately become a better and wiser person as a result of your experiences.

International traineeship

Within an international traineeship you get to know companies which are searching for high potentials. The advantage for you? You are not immediately saddled with huge responsibilities. You can do paid work, and at the same time explore what you're really good at, all within the safety of a structured programme. Train your way to the top!

International Office

Here are some insights to the exchange programmes:


“Warsaw as located in the center of north-eastern Europe, offers a perfect starting point to discover all polish cities as well as the Baltic and Scandinavian Countries.

lf you want to explore a lot, you should definitely avoid taking courses from the part time masters as they are every second weekend which makes you quite inflexible. Kozminski university offers several sports activities as well as trips and excursions to several places, not only cultural also sports, fun activities and thrilling challenges."

Julian Bauer, Warsaw


“Living in Prague was one more amazing experience in my life. I improved my English language and soft skills.

Living abroad is always a good thing because you leam how to manage a situation and how to adopt to new environments. Basically, you improve your personality in many different aspects. From my point of view, there are no drawbacks in taking an exchange semester. To conclude, if there is a possibility of exchange semester, you shouldn't think too much – go for it."

Milan Obradovic, Prague


“In hindsight I am very thankful for the great university and the opportunity the University of Liechtenstein gave me to study abroad.

I can only recommend anyone else to come to France and especially France, because it is a very beautiful place. I made many friendships and had many unforgettable moments."

Alexander Person, Nantes


"Everyone considering to go abroad, take this advice: Go for it! Go abroad! Take this huge opportunity the University of Liechtenstein provides you with.

These activities gave us the opportunity to meet new people from all around the world, experience Asian culture first-hand and get to know the 'real Taiwan'."

Nicola Betzler and Artur Maibach

Click here for a detailed report of their exchange semester in Taiwan.