Studying in Liechtenstein offers you numerous opportunities... and it is worth it!

Liechtenstein’s cost of living is among the highest in Europe. Scholarships, study grants, and other forms of funding can help you fund your studies. This page provides an overview of funding options. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the study administration.


Cost of living in Liechtenstein

This list of costs for typical items can give you an idea of the monthly cost of living in Liechtenstein. However, keep in mind that the cost of living is very individual and can vary greatly.

- Rent, including utilities: CHF 560
- Telephone/mobile: CHF 50
- Food: CHF 350
- Insurance: CHF 100
- Clothing, laundry, hygiene: CHF 90
- Leisure, spending money: CHF 150

Overall, then, you can expect your living expenses while you’re at the University of Liechtenstein to be at least CHF 1.300 per month.

Part-time jobs

Almost all modules in the Master’s Programme in Information Systems take place in block courses from Thursday to Saturday, so you also have the opportunity to work during your studies. Students who live in Liechtenstein are allowed to work in Liechtenstein for a maximum of 35% during the lecture period and 100% during semester breaks.


Scholarships are usually awarded based on performance. Political or social commitment and other achievements can also be considered, depending on the scholarship provider. Scholarships are not loans, so they are usually not required to be paid back.

Swiss scholarship database (in German)
Austrian scholarship database
German scholarship database (in German)

All students who are residents of Liechtenstein can also apply for a scholarship from the Swiss Study Foundation.

Hilti Fellowship 

The Hilti Fellowship offers excellent students the opportunity to become part of an international project team at Hilti for one semester while they also attend seminars and lectures in the Master’s Programme in Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein. The internship salary covers the cost of living in Liechtenstein.

Personal funding

Many students work part-time and fund all or part of their studies on their own. The career:service page lists a variety of job offers for part-time work and internships. When students take up employment, they must adhere to legal regulations. Students who hold scholarships should check on the amount of additional money they are allowed to earn.

Study loans

Another option to fund your studies is study loans. Many banks and many countries offer such loans. For example, the Principality of Liechtenstein offers an interest-free loan to students who have been living in Liechtenstein for at least three years.

The online company Splendit connects people who have a need for financial support with entities that can offer it. Students can choose the amount, the interest rate, and the period of amortisation themselves.

State support

Many countries offer financial support for students.