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Architecture: the municipality of Triesenberg

Analysis of the community development in Triesenberg and the developing strategy for the reconstruction of the local fire department building

The municipality of Triesenberg is in dire need of a new fire department building and thereby joins forces with the Institute of Architecture and Planning. The following two requirements pose the starting point for mutual corporate work: (1) the architectural requirements for a fire department building that is in daily use and (2) different geographical spots for a potential building site. After an initial analysis, our innovative intellectual think tank develops a completely new approach to the building site (which had not been part of any previous analysis); the Institute of Architecture and Planning improves not only important aspects of financing and space efficiency, but also merges these aspects with an innovative concept for energy-saving. Due to these reasons of excellence, the new project development is successfully accepted. The specifications for the building site represent the direct result of a successful knowledge and technology transfer, initiated by the Institute of Architecture and Planning, and now lay the compulsory requirements for the planning stage and upcoming tender offers.

Municipality Triesenberg:

«The different ideas and propositions of the innovative intellectual think tank were always on point and focused consistently on real life scenarios. During the planning phase, the university was able to integrate almost all of the required expert knowledge for such a complex building site through their own specialists. This led to a very precise and realistic layout of the building site on the one hand, and to a helpful comparison of different approaches and designs on the other. Therefore, we were easily able to elicit the most innovative and sustainable impulses for our new fire department building.»