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Parking area management on the university campus

A fee will be charged for the use of all parking areas on the Vaduz Campus and at the off-campus locations. The income from the parking area management will be channeled towards a university mobility management scheme as part of the university’s sustainability initiative.

 Operating hours

 Weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays)

What are the rates?

 The standard rate for parking across the entire site is CHF 0.50 per hour.
 A day permit costs CHF 1.50 for students and CHF 2.00 for lecturers and employees. There are also monthly, semi-annual and annual parking permits provided.

How does it work?

Parking fees can be paid in cash at the central parking meter (current standard rate of CHF 0.50/hour). Alternatively, cashless payments can be made using the Parkingpay system, available throughout Switzerland.

How do I get discounted rates?

Students, employees, and lecturers can purchase parking permits online or directly from the university. In every case, it is necessary to register the vehicle registration number(s)in advance on the intranet.