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Parking area management on the university campus

A fee will be charged for the use of all parking areas on the Vaduz Campus and at the off-campus locations. The income from the parking area management will be channeled towards a university mobility management scheme as part of the university’s sustainability initiative.

 Operating hours

 Weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays)

What are the rates?

 The standard rate for parking across the entire site is CHF 0.50 per hour.
 A day permit costs CHF 1.50 for students and CHF 2.00 for lecturers and employees. There are also monthly, semi-annual and annual parking permits provided.

How does it work?

Parking fees can be paid in cash at the central parking meter (current standard rate of CHF 0.50/hour). Alternatively, cashless payments can be made using the Parkingpay system, available throughout Switzerland.

How do I get discounted rates?

Students, employees, and lecturers can purchase parking permits via their Parkingpay account. It is necessary to register the vehicle registration number(s) on the intranet before.