The Impact of Mobile Technology on Business Processes - Results from 5 Case Studies

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Thurnher, B. (2007). The Impact of Mobile Technology on Business Processes - Results from 5 Case Studies. Paper presented at the IEEE Transactions of the BDIM workshop at the Information Management Conference, Conference Poster, Munich.

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Paper in Conference Proceedings


Implementation of mobile-integrated business processes within corporate IT-Systems is a major and still increasing issue. Although the usage of mobile technologies for IT management and improvement of business processes is far behind expectations, still little research has been done in analyzing critical success factors for mobile technology acceptance and usage when replacing a former paper-based process within the IT Service domain. In this contribution we identify major business metrics which are influenced by mobile tool integration into mobile business processes. Therefore a mobile workforce solution for ITService technicians has been implemented and usability tested. The deployment of the same IT solution has been investigated in two industrial case studies in two different companies. Additionally mobile tool deployment of different systems in three related IT-Service companies has been investigated through exploratory Case Study research. The results show that (a) user involvement in business process reengineering and tool development are key factors for acceptance and usage and (b) same archetypical business process metrics are affected after mobile tool deployment in different ITService companies.


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  • Institute of Information Systems
  • Hilti Chair of Business Process Management