A Taxonomy of Web Personalization

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Weinmann, M., Schneider, C., & Robra-Bissantz, S. (2013). A Taxonomy of Web Personalization. Paper presented at the 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2013), Chicago, USA. (VHB_3: D)

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Paper in Conference Proceedings


Web personalization has become an important way to provide individualized user experiences. As a fragmented use of the term “Web personalization” and a lack of a common framework potentially hinder the establishment of a cumulative body of research, we develop a taxonomy of Web personalization. Bringing together research from information systems, computer science, and marketing, we develop a taxonomy focusing on the meta-characteristics user modeling (with the dimensions type of data, acquisition method, and life span of data) and system adaptation (with the dimensions object, volatility, scope, and control of adaptation). We demonstrate an application of our taxonomy by analyzing a sample of articles published in premier information systems journals and present some exemplary use cases to demonstrate how the taxonomy could be applied in practical contexts.


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