How Social is Your Social Network? Toward A Measurement Model

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Meske, C., Junglas, I., Schneider, J., & Jaakonmaeki, R. (2019). How Social is Your Social Network? Toward A Measurement Model. Paper presented at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Munich, Germany. (VHB_3: A)

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Social networks are omnipresent in both our private and professional lives. As social beings, we thrive on the ability provided to us by the technology to be social. But what does it really mean to be social within social networks? To better capture and measure socialness in that context, we look beyond measures of being active and having many connections with others, like Social Network Analysis does. In this paper, we zoom in on a new dimension that captures the content of social exchanges. We propose, that social(ness) markers related to content can be divided into four facets: being personal, being curious, being respectful, and share with others. A correlation analysis is applied to showcase how each facet is related to the dimensions of activity and connectivity. As a result, we provide a comprehensive measurement model for socialness in computer-mediated and networked environments.


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  • Institute of Information Systems
  • Hilti Chair of Business Process Management

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