Towards Routinely Using Virtual Reality in Higher Education

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Majchrzak, T. A., Radianti, J., Fromm, J., & Gau, M. (2022). Towards Routinely Using Virtual Reality in Higher Education. Paper presented at the 55th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), Maui, Hawaii, USA. (VHB_3: C)

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Virtual reality promises to be a tool that can improve higher education. Immersive virtual environments offer the chance to enrich courses with experiential learning experiences. The technological possibilities evolve rapidly and more and more researchers report on adopting virtual reality for learning-albeit such work often has a more or less experimental character. However, the base of knowledge on using virtual reality in higher education is growing; educators who want to employ virtual reality to amend courses, to extend the curriculum with experiential learning, or who want to offer new content enabled through virtual reality, find increasingly rich advice. With this article, we contribute to this advice by providing insights from three research cases. Although these were experimental, their embedding into a larger project enables us to propose recommendations for educators. The ultimate aim of our work is the routine use of virtual reality in higher education.


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