Research Prototype: The Design Canvas in MyDesignProcess

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Morana, S., Scheid, M., Gau, M., & Benke, I. (2018). Research Prototype: The Design Canvas in MyDesignProcess. Presented at the 13th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology DESRIST, Chennai, India.

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Presentation at Scholarly Conference


Like all research projects, researchers should carefully plan and manage design projects to ensure valid and meaningful research outcomes. In this paper, we present the Design Canvas concept implemented in the MyDesignProcess. com platform. The Design Canvas captures the most important dimensions of a design project and displays them at a glance. In this paper, we describe the Design Canvas implementation in and illustrate with two exemplary design science research projects documented retrospectively its usage. Thereby, we illustrate how the Design Canvas can improve the structuring and communication of design projects.


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  • Institute of Information Systems