Publications in Leading Academic Journals

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Researchers at the Institute of Information Systems have published in some of the most prestigious academic journals in the field. The Association for Information Systems (AIS), the premier professional association for the practice and study of information systems worldwide, lists eight top journals in their Senior Scholars' Basket of Journals, and most of them – including MIS Quarterly – have published research from Liechtenstein. In addition, the institute has published several books that are used in education at diverse universities around the world.

BPM_Handbook_II.jpgHandbook on Business Process Management
The BPM Handbook edited by Jan vom Brocke and Michael Rosemann (QUT Brisbane, Australia) represents one of the seminal books in the BPM area. The book presents in two volumes and more than 50 chapters the contemporary body of knowledge as articulated by the world’s leading BPM thought leaders. Following the structure of six well-established BPM core elements, the book provides a comprehensive view on the management of business processes. 

Enterprise Content Management in Information Systems Research
The book provides a research perspective on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) that is oriented towards bridging the gap between ECM research and practice. The Springer book, which was edited by Jan vom Brocke and Alexander Simons, collects research on ECM from the academic discipline of Information Systems and related fields and consolidates our current knowledge on how today’s organizations can manage their digital information assets.

Green_BPM.pngGreen Process Management
The book "Green Business Process Management: Towards the Sustainable Enterprise" edited by Jan vom Brocke, Stefan Seidel, and Jan Recker (QUT Brisbane, Australia) consolidates the global state-of-the-art knowledge about how business processes can be managed in the light of sustainability objectives. This book discusses the emerging challenges of designing “green” business processes, presents tools and methods, and provides insights from practical cases.

Driving_Innovation.jpgBPM – Driving Innovation in a Digital World
This book, edited by Jan vom Brocke and Theresa Schmiedel, shows how BPM can help organizations to master digital innovations and transformations, and it discusses how BPM needs to be further developed to successfully act as a driver for innovation in a digital world. Bringing together the views of the world’s leading experts on BPM, the book covers the perspectives of 35 authors from more than 10 countries and combines practical and scientific BPM knowledge.