Professorship of Entrepreneurship & Technology

The professorship for Entrepreneurship and Technology deals with the management of technology and innovation (TIM) as well as the management of products and services along the entire life cycle (ProMM) in theory, practice and transfer.

The goal is to develop new methods and processes that help the entrepreneur or manager to identify opportunities from a market-pull and technology-push perspective and to implement them successfully on the market. Increasingly, quantitative models from the field of business analytics are used. An overarching goal is to fathom the connections between TIM & ProMM and the improvement of company performance (EVA, EBIT, Share Price). 

The professorship pursues the following four central research and practice-oriented focal points:

EMBO: Entrepreneurial Management of Business Opportunities is dedicated to the question of how B2B companies can generate an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) from a business opportunity in an agile manner.
EMTO: Entrepreneurial Management of Technological Opportunities aims to identify and evaluate emerging technologies at an early stage and to forecast their implementation success.
FOX: The Foresight Exchange focus develops and implements state-of-the-art analytics models with the goal of making ProMM and TIM effective, i.e., either identifying the right innovation and technology areas or predicting the most profitable customers.
INCO: Investigates the relationship between innovation and company performance in order to strengthen the innovative power of companies and to improve company performance.