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The areas of Business Process Management, Information Systems and Innovation, Data Science, and Data and Application Security form the research foci at the Institute of Information Systems. These areas are complementary and are connected with each other in the Institute’s research work and projects. The challenge is to identify future-oriented technologies, to understand their potential, and to learn to use them in company-specific projects.

In numerous research projects, the Institute develops practical solutions to problems for industry, the service sector, and public administration. The research results are regularly presented at international conferences, and publications in leading scientific journals demonstrate the high quality of scientific work at the Institute.


‘Processes are what companies do. It all happens through processes.’  Business Process Management (BPM) has become one of the most popular approaches to designing modern organizational and information systems. BPM’s goal (amongst others) is to improve organizational performance and ensure the conformity of business activities to established business processes.



Digital innovation refers to the design and implementation of novel and original products, services, processes, and business models, where the innovation process, its outcomes, or the resulting organizational and social changes are embodied in or enabled by digital technologies.



This research area is concerned with the analysis of data using ‘data science’ and related methods from the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The insights gained from these methods can be incorporated into the improvement and redesign of processes, services, and products.


Research in the area of ‘data and application security’ develops new methods for detecting security incidents and for the secure handling of data analysis and artificial intelligence.