Electronic Media

Access to e-books and e-journals is only possible through the university network on campus. You can use a desktop computer on campus or - if externally - gain access via Citrix VPN connection.

Ebook Central Library (ProQuest)

Ebook Central provides access to more than 55'000 ebooks from almost 100 publishers covering subjects ranging from architecture & fine arts to business & economics, computer science, law, and psychology. Printing is restricted to 40% and copying is restricted to 20% per ebook. In order to download ebooks for a of loan period of 1 to 7 days you need the reader software Adobe Digital Editions.

Download DRM protected ebooks on your computer (how to video)
Ebook central info

AIS Association for Information Systems

Information Systems

ELGAR Online

E-books on business administration, management, economics, finance, law

Currently, the University provides 125 e-books of the publishing years 2017 and 2018, mostly from the collections "Business & Management".


Management with a particular focus on strategy, leadership, marketing and human resources

JSTOR - Journal Storage

Business Collection I & II; fulltext-articles of electronic or digitalised journals and magazines

SAGE Journals - New Style Management & Organisation Studies

Business Management

Springer E-Books

5000 e-books and 300 e-journals on economics, business administration, management

Vahlen eLibrary

In Vahlen eLibrary the university subscribes to the journals listed below:

Marketing ZFP: Zeitschrift für Forschung und Praxis (as of 1989)
WiST - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium (as of 2000)

Wiley Online Library

Ongoing negotiations on a "Read & Publish" agreement expected by the end of 2020

In Wiley Online Library the university subscribes to the journals listed below:

 Architectural Design (as of 2014-2019)
• Information Systems Journal (as of 2012-2019)
• Human Resource Management (as of 2014-2019)
 Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (as of 2014-2019)