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swisscovery.li - research platform of University Liechtenstein Library

Search the holdings of UNILI Library and scientific information from 500 libraries in Switzerland



Before you are able to use swisscovery.li, you must register.

Further information, links and tutorials are provided in the sections below..

Important note! Tuesday, 19.03.2024, 5.00 p.m.
Primo Metasearch platform will no longer be operated.



What is swisscovery?

swisscovery is operated by SLSP (Swiss Library Service Platform) and is a national research platform, which provides access to scientific information from around 500 libraries in Switzerland.

Find further information about SLSP.

Searching in swisscovery.li?

swisscovery.li offers three search profiles: local search UNILI Library, standard search swisscovery, expanded search scope swisscovery plus.

UNILI Library
•  Our physical media (books, journals, AV media)
•  Our licensed e-resources (databases, e-journals and e-books)
•  Additional electronic content that is available Open Access

•  Physical holdings from all 500 libraries participating in the network
•  Free content made available by other libraries in the network
   (institutional repositories, free e-collections and archives)

swisscovery plus
•  Physical holdings of the Renouvaud library network (e.g. BCU Lausanne)
•  Bibliographical information for electronic documents to which we do - not have access

Get to know swisscovery’s search profiles and request options (Guide)

Registration & Library user account

How to register for SLSP/swisscovery services?
Library customers must be registered for a SWITCH edu-ID account. The edu-ID is required when signing up for SLSP/swisscovery.
Your mobile number and e-mail address will be verified.
Click here to register: registration.slsp.ch

Important note for members of the University of Liechtenstein!
At the end of setting up your personal SWITCH edu-ID, you have to link it to your UniLi account. Only then will you have unrestricted online access to our licensed e-resources within the university network or remotely via CITRIX. If linking fails, please send a message to aai@uni.li (description of the problem, screenshots).

Tutorials (pdf coming up next)
Registration with creating a new SWITCH edu-ID 
Registration with existing SWITCH edu-ID 

Once successfully registered with SLSP, you are free to use your SWITCH edu-ID account for all SLSP libraries.

In case you forgot your SWITCH edu-ID password, please do not create a second edu-ID, just follow these instructions

Library card
The UNILI staff or student ID card is used as library card. By linking the personal SWITCH edu-ID to the unili account, the library card is added automatically.
External users enter the barcode number of the library card when completing registration with SLSP. All BibliOpass cards will be valid.
New library cards are available for free at the SLSP libraries' lending desk.

Help with registration and other FAQs about SLSP/Swisscovery can be found at registration.slsp.ch/help.

May companies or institutions register?
Companies, institutions and libraries cannot create a SWITCH edu-ID account. Please contact SLSP directly via swisscovery@slsp.ch.

Can people living outside Switzerland register?
Users without a Swiss postal address are also able to create a SWITCH edu-ID account. Please note that the SLSP libraries may provide you with limited services depending on your place of residence.

Can I change my contact information?
Your contact details are taken over by the SWITCH edu-ID and have to be changed there.
SWITCH edu-ID management

How to check my library account in swisscovery.li?
Sign in to swisscovery.li using the "Log in" button at the top right.
Your name will now appear at the top right. If you click on it, your user account will open. Here you can view current and recent loans, hold requests as well as any fees or blocks.

Ordering media

Several options are available for ordering media in swisscovery.li.

•  Pick up on site
•  SLSP Courier or postal delivery
•  Hold request
•  Digitization

Follow the instructions for placing a hold and ordering media or get support from the library staff at the circulation desk.

SLSP Courier - request options

Returning items

Media ordered by courier
These items can be returned to any library participating in the SLSP courier service.

On-site loans or orders by postal delivery
Items which have been checked out from a library on site or ordered by postal delivery must also be returned on site or sent back by post.

Charges & Fines

Reminder and Overdue Notifications

Reminder: on 1st day after expiry of loan period
free of charge

1st Overdue Notification: on 7th day after expiry of loan period
CHF 5.00 per item

2nd Overdue Notification: on 14th day after expiry of loan period
CHF 5.00 per item (CHF 10.00 in total)

3rd Overdue Notification: on 21st day after expiry of loan period
CHF 10.00 per document (total CHF 20.00in total)
Patron account will be blocked.

SLSP courier
There is a charge of CHF 8.00 per item ordered. The fee is also due and payable if the item is not picked up.

The fees for the SLSP courier are waived for members of the University of Liechtenstein if the items are ordered to the UNILI library.
If they do not pick up the items, the fees will be transferred to their user account and must be paid on site.

Postal delivery of physical items
Items sent by postal mail to a residential home address are charged at CHF 12.00 per item.
This also applies to members of the University of Liechtenstein.

The user account will be charged for the respective charges or fines. You will receive an invoice from the SLSP, the operator of swisscovery.
These charges cannot be paid at the library.

Scale of charges & fees UNILI
Pricing swisscovery

Data protection

During registration, SLSP will transfer your personal data (names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) from your SWITCH edu-ID account to the swisscovery research platform.
cf. SLSP data protection policy

You will be able to change your personal data in your SWITCH edu-ID account at any time. The changes are automatically transmitted to swisscovery. Library-specific data such as loans, orders and fees are recorded directly in swisscovery.

Your user account can be deleted if there are no outstanding transactions (loans or fees). To do this, please contact SLSP via swisscovery@slsp.ch.

Transaction data are regularly anonymized and accounts in swisscovery are deleted after 10 years of inactivity.


Swisscovery Help Page contains useful information on how to use swisscovery. Or simply contact your library.
The library team will be happy to advise you.