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Klaus Näscher

Current Activity
The former rector of the University of Liechtenstein, Klaus Näscher was appointed a Honorary Senator in September 2016. By doing so, the University of Liechtenstein honors the merits of Klaus Näscher who led the institution since 1984 when it was an engineering college until 2016.

Klaus Näscher had been appointed as rector of the evening college (ATV Vaduz) in 1984. Under his leadership, the ATV was transformed into the "Liechtensteinische Ingenieurschule (LIS)" in 1988, which was equivalent to swiss engineering schools. Three years later, the government decided to develop the LIS towards a university of applied sciences and in 1997 the institution was converted to a foundation under public law and was called "Fachhochschule Liechtenstein".
Not only with regards to the names of the institution but mainly in terms of institutional development and content he was the driving force behind the forthcoming of the organization he was leading. Coming from purely technical disciplines mechanical engineering, architecture, and civil engineering, the focus of the institution was enlarged with the fields of information systems and business administration. The transformation towards a university came with a focus on two main fields: architecture and business. In November 2010 the Liechtenstein Parliament adopted the law on the University of Liechtenstein that came into effect on 1 February 2011.

In his role as Honorary Senator Klaus Näscher will continue to contribute to the development of the university by inuring his skills and experiences to the benefit of this institution.