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Outside of the (architectural) box | FABIAN WILLI

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Architecture Lecture Series


Tuesday, 04.10.2022
18:00 @ Atelier
University of Liechtenstein


Public Lecture series 2022: Outside of the (architectural) box
Studio U - Urban Design in Unterbendern

29.9.2022 ___ Daniel Fuchs ___ architect
4.10.2022 ___ Fabian Willi ___ architect & urban designer
27.10.2022 ___ Oscar Merlo ___ traffic engineer
17.11.2022 ___ Cara Turett & Luke Harris ___ landscape architects
24.11.2022 ___ David Sim ___ architect & urban designer
1.12.2022 ___ Amalia Bonsack ___ architect & researcher
18:00 @ Atelier
University of Liechtenstein, Vaduz
Lecture language: English

The lecture series brings together various angles on a core issue of architecture and urbanism: taking responsibility for the living environment. Our profession can often be seen as mere service-provider, but the challenges of the future demand more from us as designers of the habitat for all living beings. We must think beyond the confines of an assignment, out of the (architectural) box, and consider society at large. We invited seven guests driven by the betterment of our neighbourhoods, cities and landscapes and will share the thoughts, strategies and projects they employ towards this end.

Information Contact

Dr. sc. Luis Gabriel Hilti


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