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Best places on #unili campus – follow the unilicorn

Anyone who has decided to study at the University of Liechtenstein from autumn onwards would naturally like to take a look at the campus before starting their studies. For all first-year students , the Unilicorn – the mascot of the University of Liechtenstein – took a look around and visited the best places.


♦1 Best learning environment

Best learning environment places on #unili campus: library

#unili library: Borrowing and ordering, learning and working – our library not only provides you with literature, but also offers you a workplace on campus, guaranteed with a mountain view! www.uni.li/library


Best learning environment places on #unili campus: architecture workshop 

#unili architecture workshop: Designed and implemented by students, the workshop, which was awarded a prize as part of the EU funding programme "Alpine Region Preparatory Action Fund", offers everything architecture students need to realise their ideas - at least on a small scale for now. To the architecture workshop


Best learning environment places on #unili campus: creative seminarroom

#unili seminar room: Seminar room 7 with its mobile equipment and writable walls is the ideal place to think and develop ideas – and was also realised by students!


Best learning environment places on #unili campus: start-up lab

#unili start-up lab: In the Start-up Lab, students from the Master's in Entrepreneurship and Management benefit from the expertise of coaches and their networks as well as from access to technical resources and potential investors. To the Start-up Lab


♦2 Best service places

Best networking places on #unili campus: info desk

#unili Info: Centrally located on campus, the university reception team is the first port of call for everything you need to know about studying – from student ID cards to #unili hoodies with the Liechtenstein coat of arms from the Unishop. www.uni.li/shop 


Best services places on #unili campus: Spinnerei

#unili Spinnerei: The Spinnerei, the student office at the University of Liechtenstein, organises various events, runs the weekly Red Cube Bar and works together with student initiatives. Ideas from students are always welcome! www.uni.li/spinnerei


Best service places on #unili campus: International Office

#unili International Office: The International Office informs, advises and supports students in their search for and planning of an internship abroad or studies at one of our more than 80 partner universities worldwide – and, by the way, has the cosiest office of the university. www.uni.li/international


Best leisure time places on #unili campus: campus life screens

#unili career services: In order to optimally support students in their career planning, the career:service offers a job exchange and contacts to the unili company network as well as workshops and individual career coaching. To the career:service


♦3 Best networking places

Best networking places on #unili campus: welcome week

#unili welcome week: The Welcome Week is the ideal starting point for your studies! Even in the first days of your studies, you can make contacts beyond your degree programme and immerse yourself in the personal campus atmosphere of the University of Liechtenstein. www.uni.li/welcomeweek


Best outdoor places on #unili campus: red cube

#unili red cube: Once a week, the mobile bar designed by students becomes a meeting place for all degree programmes. Here you can get to know each other and end the day with a cold or warm drink. www.facebook.com/spinnerei.uni.li/


#unili cafeteria: An oasis of well-being, not only for lunch at student prices or a latte macchiato with a view of the mountains, but also for socialising, switching off and recharging - for new ideas and flashes of inspiration! www.uni.li/cafeteria


Best networking places on #unili campus: coffee maker

#unili coffee maker: And if you need a quick coffee, the vending machine in the middle of campus is the ideal meeting place, because almost everyone has to stop by here. To the building plan


♦4 Best outdoor places

Best outdoor places on #unili campus: meadow

#unili meadow: For all your love of networking and making contacts, you also need a break once in a while. Why not on the "Allmeind" in front of the university building with a view of the Swiss mountains – be careful: every now and then you have to share it with the local cows. 


Best outdoor places on #unili campus: Liechtenstein mountains

Liechtenstein mountains: The mountains in the Principality offer all hiking fans, mountain bikers, skiers and trail runners what their heart desires. And of course all lovers of art, culture and culinary delights will get their money's worth. https://tourismus.li 


Best leisure time places on #unili campus: BBQ terrace

#unili BBQ terrace: And when everyone is on campus again and the distance rules allow it, the terrace in front of lecture hall 6 is the ideal place for a BBQ with fellow students - as always, with a mountain view ;-)


Best places on #unili campus: Heart of Europe

#unili in the heart of Europe: The Principality of Liechtenstein lies in the heart of Europe. Zurich, Munich and Milan are only a 1 to 2.5 hour drive away and Lake Constance beckons with its countless attractions.


Your best place on #unili campus

Best places on #unili campus: your ideas

Your ideas for best places: Do you study or work here already? Please share your best places with us on Facebook or Instagram using #unili #bestplaces


Author: Simone Brandenberg, Marketing and Communication | Photos: Stephanie Büchel Photography

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