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Excellent support during studies, best prepared for the future

Lecturers who see themselves as mentors, a practice-oriented master's degree with excellent supervision for a maximum of 35 future  finance professionals , the best international career opportunities in the globally-networked banking center of Liechtenstein, and an English language curriculum that covers current topics such as sustainable finance, crypto, and taxation: these were  just a few of the reasons for Szilárd Molnár to pursue his master's degree in finance at the University of Liechtenstein.

The travel enthusiast completed his bachelor's degree in business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. This excellent education provided a solid foundation for internships at Raiffeisen Centrobank in Vienna. He then joined the treasury group  at Arbonia AG in Arbon, Switzerland, a leading construction  supplier listed on the Swiss stock exchange. For his future, however, Szilárd had other more ambitious goals: "It was clear to me from the start that I would do a master's degree in finance to continue my professional career. And who knows? Maybe  I’ll do a  a PhD as wel!"

But what brought the current Student Ambassador at the University of Liechtenstein from Vienna to the small, fine campus in Vaduz? "First and foremost, the practical relevance of the University of Liechtenstein was decisive for me. But it was also a great opportunity to get in touch with the companies in Liechtenstein in a personal and uncomplicated way," Szilárd explained during his interview below. 

"The University of Liechtenstein is ideally suited for those who like to work in teams with their commillition:ins and don't seek the anonymity of a large university. Apply for this Master in Finance and give yourself the chance to have an unforgettable time."

Szilárd Molnár, Master Finance

Why are you doing your Master in Finance at the University of Liechtenstein?

Szilárd: When choosing a university for my master's degree, two points were particularly important to me: the possibility to  personalize my study focus  and a familiar  university atmosphere . The University of Liechtenstein offers an excellent faculty  ratio, which is usually more familiar than even  private universities. This expectation has been completely fulfilled. I was able to work directly with our professors during my studies and they played an important role for me as mentors.

How have you used the opportunities offered at a smaller school to your advantage?

Szilárd: I was very impressed by the diversity of the curriculum in the Master of Finance program here at the University of Liechtenstein. I also took advantage of this opportunity to structure my studies in a very individual way. I wouldn't have guessed  it, but crypto finance and taxation are now  the topics I am working on in my master's thesis. In doing so, I feel not only excellently supervised, but also very well prepared.

What excites you about these topics, which seem difficult at first glance?

Szilárd: Prof.Wenz has always provided us with a lot of background knowledge in the seminars on taxation, enabling us to see the big picture. "Thinking outside of the box " is required and also encouraged at the University of Liechtenstein. In professional life, this ability is crucial for professional development.

Why are crypto finance and taxation such  hot topics in Liechtenstein that you decided to write  your thesis on them?

Szilárd: To ensure that Liechtenstein remains attractive as a wealth management hub for private and institutional investors, tokenized assets are increasingly becoming an issue for banks, asset managers and advisory firms. They will soon become an indispensable asset class. In addition to strict compliance, the tax framework is crucial and must be understood by the parties. This is also emphasized by Simon Tribelhorn, Managing Director of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association. 

"Compliance and risk management are crucial for banks in Liechtenstein. They form the basis for reputation and thus business success. The University of Liechtenstein makes an important contribution here by imparting the necessary skills for this first-hand and in a very practice-oriented manner." 

Simon Tribelhorn, Managing Director of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association.

How practice-oriented have your studies been?

Szilárd: In addition to the theoretical modules, we also have joint projects with local financial companies, foror example, in the areas of portfolio management, sustainable finance, and tax compliance. You have plenty of opportunities for collaboration and networking with potential future employers during your studies.

You used the keyword "future". What will you do with a Master of Finance under your belt?

Szilárd: There are of course the classic career paths in banks, which many also choose. Ultimately, however, all doors are open to us. Some of us are more interested in consulting, private equity, insurance, finance in industrial companies or academic careers. My tip is to keep your eyes open during your studies and be open to career paths you never thought of before.


Szilard's glossary: these finance terms from the blog post you should know

Crypto Finance: area of research but also an area of financial services

Crypto Assets: assets based on blockchain technology

Taxation: topics related to the taxation of income and assets

Sustainable Finance: investments with sustainability impact criteria, e.g. ESG

Private Equity: off-exchange equity investment by specialized companies

Risk management: identification of risks and their assessment and operational control

Tax Compliance: compliance with the law in relation to tax issues

Portfolio Management: management of various investments and assets

Patrick Krause: «Apply now»

Of course, there are formal requirements for studying. For  the University of Liechtenstein, these include:

  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (finance, business administration, etc.)
  • Experience in scientific work
  • letter of motivation
  • English: B2 level/ IELTS 5.5
  • interview

For those who decide to apply early, for example at the end of the summer semester, it is possible to apply for the coming winter semester: the bachelor's degree can then be submitted later.

All information and deadlines for the Master of Finance at a glance

220321_Blog Finance_Szilard_DSC_1297.jpgPortrait: Szilárd Molnár

Master of Finance Graduate Student, Student Ambassador

From: Hungary / Austria (Vienna)

Studies: MSc Finance, before BSc Business Administration at WU Vienna

Why  Master of Finance at the University of Liechtenstein?: Excellent student to faculty ratio

Hobbies: Fitness, traveling, following the stock market

Three tips for those interested in the Master of Finance:

  1. Visit our info events to get a personal impression.
  2. Get in touch with us Student Ambassadors ((Link)), we are happy to support you.
  3. Don't be shy about the application process! It would be a pity to miss the chance to study at the University of Liechtenstein.


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