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Fun facts Liechtenstein

New to Liechtenstein?
Here are 10 fun facts about the "Ländle" that you should definitely know.


#1 No moon landing without Liechtenstein 

During the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, NASA was able to count on the support of a Liechtenstein company.  The company from Balzers investigated changes in materials when they left the Earth's atmosphere and produced a protective coating for the rocket. In gratitude, NASA gave the country of Liechtenstein a national flag that had been on the moon, as well as real moon rocks. The souvenirs can be viewed in the "Liechtensteinische SchatzKammer" museum in Vaduz.   

 Moon landing


#2 Land of pizza? 

Liechtenstein is not known as the land of pizza, but every sixth frozen pizza eaten in Germany comes from Liechtenstein! Liechtenstein is also a world leader in the production of dentures. Who would have thought it?!  



#3 Double landlocked 

The two neighboring countries Austria and Switzerland do not border on a sea themselves, which makes Liechtenstein a double landlocked country. This phenomenon exists only twice in the world. The only other country is Uzbekistan. Although the sea is far away, the paradisiacal Alps are right under your nose.  

 Double land locked


#4 Job miracle 

Liechtenstein may be small, but there are more jobs here than inhabitants. For this reason, many commuters work in Liechtenstein, i.e., people from the neighboring countries of Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Commuters because they work here but do not live here.  


#5 Small but mighty  

With its 160 km2, Liechtenstein is the fourth smallest state in Europe and the sixth smallest in the world. Of this area, only 11 percent is used as settlement space. The rest is agricultural land, forest areas, mountains and bodies of water. 

Small but mighty


#6 No room for an airport 

Although you cannot travel to Liechtenstein by plane - the nearest airport in Zurich is about an hour's drive away - Liechtenstein has its own university and even a princely castle!  



#7 Was hesch gset? 

What did you say? - Although German is the official language of Liechtenstein, most of the inhabitants speak an Alemannic dialect, which is very different from standard German and more similar to standard Swiss German. Therefore, the country is usually referred to by its inhabitants as "Lieachtaschta" rather than Liechtenstein. 


#8 Princely Festival on the state holiday 

Liechtenstein's State Holiday on 15 August is the occasion for the Prince's Festival, which is well-known beyond the country's borders. His Serene Highness Prince Hans-Adam II and his son, His Serene Highness Hereditary Prince Alois, invite the inhabitants of their small principality to an annual festival in the garden of Vaduz Castle.  

 Princely festival


#9 No bicycle lock necessary  

Liechtenstein has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. The crime level is officially classified as "very low", which is why you can usually leave your bicycle unsecured in front of the university or the grocery shop in Liechtenstein without any problems. Theft is extremely rare here. 

Bicycle lock


#10 Hoi instead of Grüezi or Guten Tag 

Liechtensteiners are on first-name terms, whether they know the other person or not. Anyone who addresses someone with a polite speech is quickly labelled as a non-native. This probably stems from the fact that (almost) everyone knows everyone in this small country. 



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Author: Annika Willi, Communication & Marketing


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