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Graduates welcome: Banks in search of talents

Excellent career prospects are one of the main reasons for studying at the University of Liechtenstein. Careers in the financial industry or with top industrial companies often start here at the campus in Vaduz.

Especially in the Liechtenstein financial centre, the door is wide open to well-educated students. Amina Sherif is one of them. The 23-year-old is currently earning ECTS credits in the Master Finance programme at the University of Liechtenstein and at the same time gaining practical experience as a junior product manager in one of the graduate programmes at VP Bank in Liechtenstein.

In this interview, Amina talks about her exciting double life as a student and banker.


Blog_220221_VP_Amina.jpegAmina, what trainee programmes does VP Bank offer and what did you choose?

VP Bank offers three different programmes for students and graduates. For Bachelor's students there is the Bachelor Graduate Trainee Programme, and for Master's graduates there is the "Career Start" trainee programme. There is also the "Support Model" for working students who want to gain practical experience part-time while studying for their Master's degree. I opted for the latter in order to gain practical experience in banking while I was still studying for my Master's degree in Finance.

How did you experience the employment phase as a student?

I was accepted as a full member of the team right from the start and was allowed to take on responsibility early on. My colleagues always took the time to explain things and give me feedback. This helped me learn a lot. I was able to adjust my working hours to my university workload and thus balance my studies and work.

Does your degree help you in your current job?

The theoretical knowledge from my studies provides me with a good foundation. But I learned a lot on the job at VP Bank.

What personal skills do you need to be a trainee at VP Bank?

You should be organised and able to work independently, as well as being responsible, open-minded and a team player.

Looking back, how was your first week at VP Bank?

I was greeted very nicely by my team and introduced to the bank and the department. Due to Corona, I was only able to get to know part of the team personally at first, and some of them only virtually. In the first days and weeks, my colleagues introduced me to current topics and projects as well as my regular tasks. That was superexciting and I had a very successful start to my new job.

How is your team structured and what does a typical working day look like?

My team consists of ten colleagues, from juniors to seniors and me as a student trainee. We have a regular exchange within the team and the atmosphere is always good.

I usually start at around 8 am. First I read my e-mails and the market news. Then I do my tasks, which are, for example, research, analyses, documentation or the preparation of presentations. In addition, there are assignments from colleagues who need spontaneous support. I regularly consult with my supervisor and with those with whom I work on topics together. Besides all the work, there is always time for a coffee break to network.

What have been your highlights at VP Bank so far?

In addition to my work in Product Management, I have had the opportunity to get a taste of another department. I am currently supporting the Investment Research team for a few weeks. This is an exciting opportunity to get to know other colleagues within the Bank and to learn from them.

The experiences with VP Bank outside of the workday are also great. For example, I was able to organise a "get-to-know-you" event for us graduates. We went curling together, followed by an aperitif and dinner. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas with the other graduates and try out something new together. Other highlights for me were "Graduates meet the CEO" - a relaxed Q&A session with our CEO Paul Arni. Or the Career Days of the University of Liechtenstein where I was able to introduce VP Bank, as well as excursions with the team and activities with the VP Bank sports club. It offers a great range of leisure activities.

Why would you recommend the "support model" for working students at VP Bank?

This program can be perfectly combined with my studies and great consideration is given to university commitments. The 50% workload of the support model can be flexibly adjusted to the exam periods and semester breaks. I really appreciate the fact that I can reduce my workload during exam periods and work more than 50% during semester breaks to compensate. This flexibility allows students in the support model to gain valuable practical experience during their studies. 

Graduate portrait Amina Sherif, Master Finance at the University of Liechtenstein

Comes from: I grew up in Solingen, Germany

Studies: I completed my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf.

Why Master Finance at the University of Liechtenstein: I wanted to take up an internationally oriented finance degree program and came across the offer at the University of Liechtenstein. The curriculum, which covers cutting-edge topics such as sustainable finance or crypto finance, as well as the university's proximity to the exciting financial and banking center of Liechtenstein were some of the reasons why I chose the University of Liechtenstein.

Hobbies: I play chess and piano. I also do work outs on a regular basis.

Three tips for those interested in the Master of Finance:

  1. prospective students should be highly motivated and willing to work hard for the challenging program at the University of Liechtenstein.
  2. you should be open to quantitative and empirical work.
  3. they should also take advantage of the many networking opportunities in Liechtenstein, e.g. through various university events and offers.

How to become a graduate at VP Bank

VP Bank offers ten tailor-made and flexible positions for graduates, which are filled in various departments depending on availability. You can find more information at www.vpbank.com/trainee. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nanthini Tharmarajah

Email: nachwuchsentwicklung@vpbank.com
Phone: 00423 235 60 62).

Career coaching at the University of Liechtenstein

Students at the campus in Vaduz can search for the best job offers at any time on the university's job platform. At the Career Days or other events with companies interested in graduates of the University of Liechtenstein, students can meet their future employers directly on campus.

Career Service of the University of Liechtenstein

To ensure that this career path runs smoothly, we rely on our partners, including well-known companies and financial institutions in Liechtenstein, but also in the Rhine Valley and the Lake Constance region.

Other graduate programmes at selected banks in Liechtenstein

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The interview with Amina was conducted by Julia Hassler (HR Specialist at VP Bank)


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