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Starting your studies made easy: Welcome Days at the University of Liechtenstein

And then it starts, the university career is just around the corner: new terrain, new destiny. It's easy to get lost. At the University of Liechtenstein, we want to give you the most important information for your studies during the Welcome Days.

The Welcome Days at the University of Liechtenstein will take place on 3 and 4 February for this summer semester and at the beginning of September for the winter semester. They provide an excellent first insight into the content of your studies, an introduction to culture and life in Liechtenstein and social networking on campus. They also offer the opportunity to talk directly with experienced students at the campus in Vaduz at an early stage.

Personal proximity - the foundation of the Uni Liechtenstein

Make a note of it: Keep the greeting word "Hoi" on your lips, you will need it more often. Because here people like to greet each other at every opportunity - in the shop, on the bus, on the street.

The best places to meet Liechtenstein locals and other hot spots you must visit you find in this blog post: Start your studies relaxed: the best tips from students for the start of the semester

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You can practise right on the first day of the Welcome Days at the "Student Fair": Here you have the opportunity to get to know some of our student initiatives. These are university associations initiated by students that are dedicated to social networking and student life outside the lecture hall. The core topics of the current organisations range from "Internationality" and "Future" to "Entrepreneurship" and "Finance". Maybe you're interested in becoming part of an initiative? Or do you even want to start one yourself?

Smooth landing on campus

Study-specific programmes are also part of the Welcome Days and are adapted individually each year. In the summer semester, the number of new students is much smaller than in the winter semester. It is mainly exchange students who start, as most degree programmes do not start regularly until the winter semester.

The upcoming Welcome Days in February therefore focus on arrival, a first "cultural get-to-know" within a narrow framework and certain organisational topics.

At the Welcome Days in September, with the regular start of all study programmes, the focus is also on programme points specific to the study programme. For example, topics such as raising awareness of important areas of perception and implementation in the field of architecture and spatial development are dealt with or the first "hands on" exercises in the form of "innovation competitions" are practised together with Hilti in the field of business administration. In the same way, the other degree programmes Entrepreneurship and Management, Finance and Business Informatics offer a study-specific programme peppered with innovative approaches, which often includes excursions, company visits and workshops.

All study programmes at a glance

Welcome everywhere: We support you #unili

Different cultures, different customs, different challenges: The university brings together students from several continents - from Australia to Africa to South America. This requires different registration processes. To make it easier for you to register in Liechtenstein, complete formalities, etc., there will be support during the Welcome Days in registration processes (courses, official registrations, ...).

You will also receive insights into the Liechtenstein cultural landscape with tips on regional offers and activities. In the Regiobooklet on the Welcome Days page you will find the best overview of regional offers away from the lecture hall: nice places, bars, restaurants, excursion tips, nightlife, public transport offers and much more.

The pandemic will also cause changes and adjustments to the programme on these Welcome Days on 3 and 4 February. We will inform you about the Corona rules during the Welcome Days in due time. Nevertheless, we are confident that this will not prevent us from having a successful start to your studies! Corona regulations on campus

Welcome Days: the practical #unili link list to get you started

Author: Manuel Beck, Student Engagement at the University of Liechtenstein

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