The role of unlearning in organizational development

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Type and Duration

FFF-Förderprojekt, January 2022 until December 2023 (finished)


Chair of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

Main Research

Growth and Complexity


Organizational unlearning is regarded as an essential driver of organizational change. To be pre-pared in the best way possible, organizations should possess the capability of deliberately dis-carding obsolete or undesired assumptions and practices in order to make room for new ways of thinking and doing. However, literature is still scarce in terms of how this phenomenon un-folds in organizational development processes. This research project aims to examine this com-plex topic. In doing so, unlearning processes will be investigated in the context of (i) planned and (ii) unplanned organizational development processes. Further, this project should reveal how unlearning unfolds across different levels (individual, group, organizational). The case study method will be used to generate insights and theory in this area of research.

Principal Investigator