Personal Resources at Work

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Type and Duration

FFF-Förderprojekt, May 2022 until April 2024


Chair of Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Main Research

Growth and Complexity


The Job Demands-Resources Model provides a flexible framework through which to study the effects of job characteristics on employees: job demands lead to adverse effects such as burnout, and job resources lead to beneficial effects such as engagement. To date, it remains unclear how and why individual differences between employees evoke different appraisals of similar situations, and how their outcomes can be shaped in a self-responsible manner. The purpose of the presented research project is to investigate the influence of malleable personal resources on the model’s pathways. First, sustained attention, psychological capital, and mindfulness were identified as relevant personal resources. Two experimental studies will now be conducted to examine the scope, magnitude, and mechanisms of effect of mindfulness training on strengthening these personal resources among employees, as well as their perceptions of their job characteristics and their experiences of burnout, engagement, and well-being. This research project will serve to identify applicable methods to empower people in complex work environments to surmount their demands in a way that is conducive to both sustained performance and well-being.

Principal Investigator