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Sebastian Moder, MSc

Research Assistant / PhD Student
Entrepreneurship & Leadership
PATHFINDER – Pioneering AI Technology in Higher Education to Facilitate Innovation and Nurture the Development of Entrepreneurial Resources
ERASMUS, January 2024 until December 2026

Motivation Unser Ziel ist es, das Verständnis und die Anwendung von künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) in der Hochschulbildung zu verbessern. Dies erreichen wir, indem wir Lehrende und Studierende mit den ... more ...

Synthese: Persönliche Ressourcen und Führung, um die menschliche Kognition mit künstlicher Intelligenz achtsam zu erweitern
FFF-Förderprojekt, July 2023 until September 2024

The research aims to study the effects of technological innovation on organizational behavior, from individual, organizational, and societal perspectives. AI can benefit productivity, innovation, and ... more ...

Personal Resources at Work
FFF-Förderprojekt, May 2022 until April 2024

The Job Demands-Resources Model provides a flexible framework through which to study the effects of job characteristics on employees: job demands lead to adverse effects such as burnout, and job ... more ...

Entrepreneurial Self-Leadership Education through Virtual Training
ERASMUS, September 2020 until August 2023 (finished)

The spirit of entrepreneurship has been behind several European nations' economic surges during the previous two decades, with several individuals developing innovative solutions to emerging ... more ...

Mindfulness in Organizations
FFF-Förderprojekt, February 2020 until January 2022 (finished)

The practice of mindfulness, that is, non-judgmental attention to present-moment experiences, originates in the Buddhist tradition. It is, however, not only a spiritual concept, but also a ... more ...

Mindfulness in Organizations
PhD-Thesis, since February 2020

The increasing complexity of modern workplaces calls for the examination of implementable means for employees to manage their profession in a way that facilitates both their performance and their ... more ...

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  • Bogdanova, O., Brusila-Meltovaara, K., Moder, S., Tenschert, J., Stojcic, N., & Vojvodic, K. (2022). Developing an entrepreneurial self-leadership and mindfulness-based course in international collaboration. Paper presented at the Cross-Cultural Business Conference, Steyr, Austria.