E-REGIO - Eco-energy Export Great Walser Valley (Region Grosses Walsertal), energy autonomy and surplus export in alpine regions

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Type and Duration

Netzwerkprojekt, May 2009 until December 2009 (finished)


Institute of Architecture and Planning

Main Research

Sustainable Planning and Construction

Field of Research

Sustainable Urban Design


This project entails the exploration of means to supply the UNESCO Biosphere Park designated Region of the Great Walser Valley in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg as an ecologically sound produced renewable energy autonomous and export producing region. Hochschule Liechtenstein (Institute of Architecture and Planning / Sustainable Development) contributes selected services in this project stream administered by Biosphärenpark Grosses Walsertal and the Energy Institute Vorarlberg.

While the project terminates as a core funded activity with the end of 2009, it will continue to remain a reference project for the Lake Caonstance-Alpine Rhine Valley (BAER) program.


Solar architecture, Renewable energy, Market research, Regional development planning, Sustainable Construction

Principal Investigator