alpEnMAT-Meetings on Advanced Technology: an innovative means to foster success of Alpine Space SME's in 2014 and beyond

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Type and Duration

Auftragsforschung, September 2013 until December 2014 (finished)


Institute of Architecture and Planning

Main Research

Sustainable Planning and Construction

Field of Research

Sustainable Urban Design


During the second period of the Alpine Space programme from 2008 to 2014 various projects have been dealing with low­carbon economy, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility. AlpEnergy developed means to better balance intermittent power generation and flexible demand. AlpHouse developed capacity building means for local craft companies in the area of energy-efficient renovation of traditional alpine buildings and ENERBUILD also dealt with efficiency and renewable energies in the building sector.
More applications for electric and other low carbon mobility systems have been tested in CO2NeuTrAlp. World known projects such as eE-Tour or IRENE are direct or indirect results of these projects. Last not least AlpStore investigates and implements multiple technologies for storing power and heat ­ a major prerequisite to cope with the challenges of a future sustainable energy supply.

Dozens of enterprises have been involved in these projects and could prove their ability to develop and deploy innovative solutions in the field of energy efficiency and renewables as well as sustainable mobility. AlpEnMAT will capitalize on the experiences and results of these projects. It will especially foster existing SMEs in the Alpine Space to take benefit of the emerging age of renewable energies. It will bring together SMEs with buyers of energy technologies, municipalities and regions, institutional and private decision-makers as well as public and private financing institutions. In the Meetings on Advanced Technology they mutually promote each other, find partners and new market opportunities. Altogether they build on major strengths of the Alpine Space: farsightedness, inventiveness and stamina. After all AlpEnMAT will help to stabilize the Alpine Space as an attractive place to work, to live and to invest in a quickly growing business framework. In other words: this new means of promoting Alpin regions and municipalities.

Reference to Liechtenstein

Vorausgegangene Projekte des Alpenraumprogramms haben sich mit klimafreundlicher Wirtschaft, Energieeffizienz und nachhaltiger Mobilität befasst. Ziel der alpEnMAT-Meetings ist die Vermarktung der Erfahrungen und Ergebnisse aus diesen Projekten und das Zusammenbringen von Käufern von Energietechnologien, Gemeinden und Regionen, Entscheidungsträgern aus dem institutionellen und privaten Bereich sowie öffentlichen und privaten Finanzierungsinstitutionen. Somit kann Know-How in Liechtenstein und der Region ausgetauscht werden, das Anbahnen von Geschäftsbeziehungen gefördert und somit ein erster Meilenstein aus der Forschung in Richtung Realisierung gesetzt werden.

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