Business Model Innovation

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FFF-Förderprojekt, July 2018 until August 2020 (finished)


Chair of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management

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Over the last two decades, the concepts of business models (BM) and, more recently, business model innovation (BMI) have gained increasing academic and corporate interest whereby BMI has been recognized as the key to competitiveness and innovativeness.
Despite the promises of BMI being the next big step of strategic management, the implementation of new BMs is an essential but also challenging task for organizations. In this light, firms often face difficulties with their existing business model, conflicts regarding the underlying asset configuration or missing clarity about how to exploit innovations.
The fast-growing academic and corporate interest in this field highlights the need for additional empirical research on BMI to derive a better understanding of the phenomenon. This is where this research project comes in. Through the use of different research approaches, we aim to take a look at organizational micro-foundations, practices, and processes to analyze underlying determinants that facilitate or hinder the implementation of BMI.
Another crucial step of this project will be to analyze the links among the individual components of a BM (e.g. value proposition, value capture, revenue model), and to examine how different activities and elements have to be (re)combined to result in a competitive BM.
The results of this research project will provide useful tools for managers and entrepreneurs to create and sustain their firm value, especially in times of today's unstable business environment. Thus, proposing practitioner-oriented tools and valuable recommendations for successfully managing the BMI process will be one of the project's main goals besides advancing the theoretical understanding of BMI.

Project results:


Business model innovation, Digitalization


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